Interface Constructions is an industry leading building company delivering a diverse range of projects in Australia with a dynamic and enthusiastic team. Each team member is hand selected for their distinctive and specialised skill sets, ensuring a result driven experience for our partners, clients and workforce alike.

There’s also the significance in our construction roots; beginning in 1952, when Fernando Masci arrived from Abruzzo, Italy and built a new life in Australia. Since this time, the Masci family have worked within the construction industry on many various projects types.

Since its inception in 2011, Interface Constructions has been in the hands of the third generation of Masci builders, Marc & Daniel, and the same traditional family values still run through our veins.
Our specialisation in ECI or Design & Construct projects enables us to offer and provide high-quality design development and ensures we can maintain professionalism and excellence while we guide each client through every stage of their project. Interface Constructions partner with our clients to maintain open communication; our partners are consulted and advised from start to finish of the project.
In partnership with our clients, we plan and review all aspects of design and construction, driving innovation from architects to service consultants. We ensure that all relevant codes, standards, local authorities, regulations and current best design and installation practices are consistently complied with.


Interface is different. We bring a genuine love of building to each and every project. We’re transparent, collaborative, and committed to building both great projects and great relationships.

Marc Masci

Director/Financial Manager
Marc has 24 years’ experience in development and commercial and residential construction. He has extensive expertise in design cost management, which encompasses feasibility studies, planning regulations and law, and strategic construction methodology alternatives.

Daniel Masci

Director/Business Development Manager
Daniel has over 14 years’ experience with national retail and commercial projects. He has represented a wide variety of national groups in offshore production for imports to Australia. His many projects include greenfield fuel stations, aged care facilities, hospitality constructions, and more.